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Hello my friends!  I've been recording some songs with other singers/artists on Smule and I'm finally getting the hang of it.  I will be posting some of the songs here for your listening enjoyment.  I hope you like! 

If you have a request or comment, feel free to leave me a message at https://www.facebook.com/RMMusicMinistry/

Here You can find audio's of my songs not on the CD and the lead sheets, feel free to use them in your group or personal worship!

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my CD!!!

Copyright © 2017 use with permission by Rachael Martin

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Couldn't have done it without God, the prayers of my friends and family, especially my husband Gary Martin, and these two awesomely talented producers and brothers in Christ Jesus:

Shane Heath

Fabio Nelson

Please visit their facebook pages and give them props.  They sure deserve it!!  

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Cover Artwork by Christine Trainor

When drawing the artwork for the cover of my CD, Christine told me the Lord met her and encouraged her and she allowed me to share the following:   

We go through the FIRE and find the cross...

We become a flame of FIRE for Heaven!!!

"For I know the plans I have for you" says the Lord

"I will never leave you or forsake you

 I am with you..... always.   I LOVE YOU

 From the depths to the heights I am with you."

Track 1 - Double Portion - 3:15

Mixed & Produced by Shane Heath; Vocals, Keys by Rachael Martin; Bass, Electric Guitar by Shane Heath

Track 2 - After the Rain - 6:35

Mixed & Produced by Fabio Nelson; Vocals, Keys by Rachael Martin; Guitar by Fabio Nelson

Track 3 - Stand - 5:36

Mixed & Produced by Fabio Nelson; Vocals, Keys by Rachael Martin

Track 4 - Consume Me - 4:12

Mixed & Produced by Fabio Nelson; Vocals, Keys by Rachael Martin; Guitar by Fabio Nelson

Track 5 - Eagles Wings - 3:49

Mixed & Produced by Fabio Nelson; Vocals, Keys, Flute by Rachael Martin; Guitar by Fabio Nelson

Track 6 - Still Standing (Instrumental/Soaking) - 4:14

Mixed & Produced by Fabio Nelson; Keys, Flute by Rachael Martin


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Copyright. Gathering at His Feet . All Rights Reserved.

Artwork by Christine Trainor

     ♥Forever Remembered ♥

I asked her to come up with something that portrayed the beauty of God's power in pushing back darkness when we worship!