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Rev. Dr. Gina Cobb


You Decide

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I recently read that research suggests that the average adult makes around 35,000 choices a day. How crazy is that!!!!  Each day you are faced with a variety of decisions to make. What shoes to wear, which way to work, etc. are just a few of them! 

Many times you can coast through each day without facing major decisions. However, there are times in life where major decisions face you head on. There is no avoiding them even though you try.  There are times when the hardest choice and the right choice are the same. 

When making decisions, doing the right thing may be the harder way or more uncertain in outcome. The true test in making this decision is how much are you willing to believe that God is with you in it.  And that, my friends, is really what today’s message is about. Whatever you decide, you must be willing to believe that God will be with you as you walk it out the decisions you make. 

I want to encourage you regarding any decisions you are facing. Move forward in faith, even without perfect knowledge of the outcome remembering —He orders your steps!