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2019 Archives

Rev. Dr. Gina Cobb

Unchanging God 11,18.pdf

All in a Name 11,15.pdf

Not Welcomed Here! 11,11.pdf

Which One? 11,6.pdf

VICTORY 10,31,19.pdf

With You! 10,28.pdf

DEPENDABLE 10,23.pdf

God Chose YOU! 10,18.pdf

Worth by God 10,14.pdf

Is it in Vain? 10,9.pdf

Manifested Love 10,7.pdf

The Ganav 10,4.pdf

New Day!!!! 9,30.pdf

IN THE MIDST 9,20.pdf

Heartfelt Prayer, 9,16.pdf

To No Extent 9,11.pdf

Authority to Illuminate 9,6.pdf


Hand of God 8,28.pdf

Midst of Rubble 8,23.pdf

Monday- Fortress 8,19.pdf

Rebuilt by God 8,14.pdf

Free to Choose 8,9.pdf

Give God Today 8,5.pdf

Credibilty 7,31.pdf

Times in History 7,26.pdf

Pierce Like a Sword 7,19.pdf

Stabliity of Life 7,15.pdf

Mission of Compassion 7,10.pdf

Connecting with God 7,3.pdf

How Easy is it? 6,28.pdf

Power of Prayer 6,24.pdf

Serves as Pattern 6,19.pdf

Foundation of Support 6,17.pdf

You Decide 6,14.pdf

The Big Reveal 6,5,.pdf

Actual State of a Matter.pdf

It Makes a Difference 5,28.pdf

Specific Period of Time 5,22.pdf

Not a Dead-End! 5,18.pdf

Sealed with the Promise 5,13.pdf

Crucible of Extreme Adversity 5,8.pdf​​

Continue On 5,3.pdf

Align with Christ 4,29.pdf

Jehovah Jireh 4,23.pdf

Take Heed!! 4,12.pdf

Outward Flow 4,10.pdf

Filial Fear 4,8.pdf

The Great Benefit 4,3.pdf

No Limits 3,29,2019.pdf

Feeding on Faithfulness 3,25.pdf

Troubled Waters 3,20.pdf

Identity Matters 3,15.pdf

Face Today 3,6.pdf

Living the Word 3,1.pdf

Be the Church 2,26.pdf

Courage to Let Go 2,20.pdf

Brethern's Business 2,15.pdf

Thy Will Be Done.pdf


Why Call Me Lord? 2,1.pdf

Monday Prayer, 1,28.pdf

Prayer is Necessity.pdf

Be Willing 1,22,19.pdf

Better than any Gadget 1,18.pdf

No Words Needed 1,15.pdf

Pray Psalm 23- 1,14.pdf

Today Matters 1,9.pdf

Monday, Prayer 1,7.pdf

Self-Sabotage 1,4.pdf

2019 First Principal 1,2.pdf