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Christmas Day 12,25.pdf

Christmas Eve 12,24.pdf

Be Reasonable 12,21,2018.pdf

Floor Plans 12,17.pdf

Expect a Response! 12,12.pdf

Day by Day 11,30.pdf

A Mind that is Unsettled 11,28.pdf

Paul, Apostle of Christ 11,26.pdf

Walking in Integrity 11,13.pdf

Monday 11,12,18.pdf

A Plan of Distractions 11,9.pdf

Not Cut Off 10,31.pdf

You Want me to What? 10,26.pdf

Stay Close 10,22 .pdf

Greater Potential 10,17.pdf

10,11 Decisions.pdf

Leave the Comfort Zone 10,3.pdf

Are you Willing? 10,1,18.pdf

You've been Rerouted 9,28,18.pdf

Making God Fit 9,24.pdf

Love that Lasts! 9,5.pdf

In His Time 8,20.pdf

Practice Makes Perfect 8,15.pdf

University of Heaven 8,10.pdf

Raw Courage 8,6.pdf

Listening Ears 8,1.pdf

Stacked in Heaven 7,30.pdf

From Start to Finish 7,27.pdf

Assignments Matter! 7,23.pdf

Marvelous Day 7,18.pdf

Permission Required 7,13.pdf

Fourth of July 7,4.pdf

Who Controls You 7,2.pdf

Pərˈfekt 6,29.pdf

Led in Triumph 6,25.pdf

Your Motives? 6,20.pdf

Watch and Learn 6,7.pdf

Give Him a Call 6,5.pdf

Whatever it Takes! 6,1.pdf

Stay the Course 5,24.pdf

Light vs Darkness 5,22.pdf

Ordinary 5,18.pdf

No One is Unlovable 5,10.pdf

Rest and Tranquility 5,8.pdf

Take a Knee 4,4,18.pdf

Accountability 4,26.pdf

Know the Meaning 4,20.pdf

This is God's Will 4,12.pdf

Not Disqualified 4,10.pdf

This I Know 4,6.pdf

Remember Me 3,29.pdf

Eternal Love 3,27.pdf

Push Back 3,23.pdf

Sincerity of Heart 3,15.pdf

Apprehend Clearly 3,13.pdf

Spin Zone 3,9.pdf

When you Know! 3,1 .pdf

All Day Long 2,27.pdf

Defeat Distractions 2,23.pdf

Cave Dweller-2,15,.pdf

Leads the Way 2,13.pdf

Unexpected Turn 2,9.pdf

Three Doors 2,1.pdf

Move Forward 1,30.pdf

Every Piece Matters 1,26.pdf

End of the Day 1,18.pdf

Hope is the Word 1,2,18.pdf

Hey Oh! 1,12.pdf

Whatever Today Brings 1,15.pdf

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Pieces or the Whole,Word for 2019 12,31,2018.pdf

The Latter Shall Be Greater,12,19,2018.pdf

Peace On Earth,12,14,2018.pdf

Evening 8 - Sun .Hanukkah.12.9,2018.pdf

Evening 7 - Sat.Hanukkah.12,8,2018.pdf

Evening 6 - Fri. .Hanukkah 12,7,2018.pdf

Hanukkah Chanukah Evening 5, 12,6,2018.pdf

Evening 4 - Wed. Hanukkah 12.05,18.pdf

Evening 3 - Tues. Hanukkah.12.4,2018.pdf

Evening 2 - Mon. Hanukkah.12.3.18.pdf

Hanukkah.Evening 1-Sun, Dec 2 2018.pdf

411-Hanukkah.12, 2018.pdf

Any Day All Day, 11,21,2018.pdf

Its In the Subtle Things, 11,16,2018.pdf

The Reason We Come Together.11,2,2018.pdf

Jesus Calling,10,24,2018.pdf

Learning to just..not 10,19,2018.pdf

A Longing Fulfilled, 10,10,2018.pdf

Going the Distance, 10,5,2018.pdf


Friday Function, 9,21,2018.pdf

Testing.Testing 9,12,2018.pdf

Considerable Places, 9,7,2018.pdf

Biting Your Tongue,8,17,2018.pdf

How We Grow, 8,3,2018.pdf

Cultivating the Family Tree, 7,25,2018.pdf

A Good Thing, 7,11,2018.pdf

Letting Go, 7,6,2018.pdf

The Affects of Kindness, 6,27,2018.pdf

But Is Love There, 6,22,2018.pdf

Don't Chase the Wind,6,14,2018.pdf

The Outcome of Hope, 6,8,2018.pdf

Prayer Breeds Hope,6,6,2018.pdf

Walk in Wisdom, 5,31,2018.pdf

Something's Gotta Give-RV .5,25,2018.pdf

Meaningful Conversations -RV 5,17,2018.pdf


Stay in the Game,5,11,2018.pdf

Extended Invitation,5,3,2018.pdf

Just the Beginning,4,19,2018.pdf

Unfinished, 4,17,2018.pdf


Service Wherever,4,5,2018.pdf

Unexpected Places,3,30,2018.pdf

These Things,3,22,2018.pdf

Never Moved,3,16,2018.pdf

Snippets to Cope,3,8,2018.pdf

Exactly,6,6,2016 and 2,22,2018.pdf

Hard to Fathom,2,16,2018.pdf

Past the Face,2,8,2018.pdf

Appearance of Evil 2,2,2018.pdf



Staking Claim,1,5,2018.pdf

Whachoo Say,1,9.2018.pdf

Our Friends

Endless Thanks 11,19.pdf

Jesus Calling,11,7,2018.pdf - by Sarah Young

Word for Today- Spiritual Intuition 11,5.pdf

Depth of our Need 10,15.pdf

What's Running Your Life? 9,10.pdf

Who's Battle is It? 9,4.pdf

Stairs- Rodney Burton.pdf

Jesus Calling,8,8,2018.pdf - by Sarah Young

A Friend Sharing, 7,20,2018 Lynn Wolfe.pdf

Open Door to Higher Ground - Minoli 7,16.pdf

Look What He's Done! Minoli.pdf

Replenishment & Increase 6,11 MH.pdf

I Will Lift Up My Eyes,6,4,2018.pdf - by Minoli Haththotuwa

Farewell to GAHF 5,30.pdf - by Alicia R. Shipe

Jesus Calling,5,29,2018.pdf - by Sarah Young

Re-Visit #3,5,23,2018.pdf by Alicia R. Shipe

Covenant Promise, 5,21,2018.pdf - by Minoli

Re-Visit #2.pdf

All Who are Thirsty-5,14 Minoli.pdf

Re-Visit _1-5,9,2018.pdf by Alicia R. Shipe

A Tree Of Life,5,7,2018.pdf by Minoli

Allow Yourself... - Alicia 5,2.pdf

Jesus Calling,5,1,2018.pdf - by Sarah Young

I Will Sing 4,30 Minoli.pdf

Jesus Calling,4,27,2018.pdf - by Sarah Young

Afraid of God’s Presence 4,25,2018.pdf by Alicia R. Shipe

A Day to Rejoice,4,23,2018.pdf - by Minoli

The Body-Part 9 [Conclusion] (The Circulatory System)4,18,2018.pdf by Alicia

Take Heart -Minoli 4,16.pdf

The Body-Part 8 (The Nervous System)4,11,2018.pdf by Alicia R. Shipe

Sing to the Lord.4.9,2018.pdf by Minoli

Self Inspection -4,4 Alicia.pdf

Jesus Calling,4,3,2018.pdf

Chosen -Minoli Haththotuwa 4,2,18.pdf

Gather Only What You Need,3,28,2018.pdf by Alicia R. Shipe

Connected to The Vine,3,26,2018.pdf by Minoli

Internal Relfection -Alicia R. Shipe 3,21.pdf

Jesus Calling,3,20,2018.pdf by Sarah Young

Nothing to Fear 3,19.pdf

The Secret Place,3,12,2018.pdf by Minoli

The Body-P6 Reproductive System-ARS.pdf

Jesus Calling,3,6,2018.pdf by Sarah Young

Radical Reciever- Minoli 3,5.pdf

Not One More 2,28.pdf

Power of the Highest -Minoli .pdf

Stuck In The Middle With You-Alicia 2,21.pdf

Jesus Calling,2,20,2018.pdf by Sarah Young

The True Voice-Minoli Haththotuwa.pdf

The Body-Part 5 (The Respiratory System),2,14,2018.pdf - by Alicia R. Shipe

Thought Replacement Therapy,2,12,2018.pdf​ - by Minoli

Part 4-Digestive System Alicia Shipe.pdf

Jesus Calling,2,6,2018.pdf - By Sarah Young

Suddenly! 2,5 Minoli Haththotuwa.pdf

The Arsenal of God,1,31,2018.pdf - by Alicia R. Shipe

The Highest Place, 1,29,2018.pdf- By Minoli

Jesus Calling,1,23,2018.pdf

The Body Part 2-(muscular system).pdf - By Alicia R. Shipe

The Body Part 1-Skin 1,10.pdf - By Alicia R. Shipe

The Body-Intro 1,3,2018.pdf - by Alicia R. Shipe

Ponder This 1,4.pdf-Ryan Bruss

Chosen by the King (MH) 1,8.pdf - by Minoli

Jesus Calling,1,11,2018.pdf- by Sarah Young

Living This Year As A New Wine Skin=by Minoli

The Body-Part 3 Alicia R. Shipe.pdf