Dr. Gina Cobb  

Christmas Truce 12,23.pdf

Proper Perspective 12,19.pdf

A Thief 12,15.pdf

Point Taken 12, 13.pdf

Be on the Look Out 12,9.pdf

Salted by Fire 12,5.pdf

Weekend Word 12,2.pdf

Removal of Darkness 11,28.pdf

I Belong to Jesus 11,24.pdf

I Have Seen 11,22.pdf

Relationships Matter 11,18.pdf

Just the Facts 11,14.pdf

Pick up the Pieces 11,10.pdf

Stand in the Gap 11,8.pdf

Impact Others-11,4.pdf

Clear Intent 10,31.pdf

Over 2,300 Times 10,27.pdf

Destroying Speculation 10,25.pdf

Sincere 10,21.pdf

Take the Risk 10,17.pdf

Hand it Over 10,13.pdf

Purify my Heart 10,11.pdf

Smallest Act 10,7.pdf

Beneath the Surface 10,3.pdf

God Says..9,29.pdf

Just Pray 9,27.pdf

Playing with Fire 9,23.pdf

Pedestrain Walkway 9,19.pdf

Extending Your Heart 9,15.pdf

Open for Influence 9,13.pdf

Carry out the Mission- 9,9.pdf

You are Excelling 9,5.pdf

Louisiana Flooding 9,2,16.pdf

Great Love and Grace- 9,1.pdf

God's Masterpiece 8,30.pdf

Victory to Victory 8,26.pdf

Yes and Amen-8,22.pdf

When We Respond 8,18.pdf

Christ Directed Life 8,16.pdf

All About Change 8,12.pdf

My Eye is Upon You 8,8.pdf

Call to Me 8,2.pdf

Hand to Hand Combat 7,29.pdf

God Says 7,25.pdf

Supplied with Abundance 7,21.pdf

Marked Eternal 7,18.pdf

Nevertheless 7,15.pdf

Earnestly Desires You 7,11.pdf

Today's Choice 7,6.pdf

Epiphany 7,5.pdf

West Virginia Flooding.pdf

Texas Flooding 2016 PDF.pdf

Delay 7,1.pdf

Highways for God to Move 6,27,2016.pdf

Ever Present 6,23,2016.pdf

Choose Joy 6,21.pdf

Jesus is Asking 6,17.pdf

Fellowship 6,13.pdf

Remember your Place 6,9.pdf

Time to Refuel 6,7.pdf

Friday Prayer 6,3.pdf

Memorial Day.pdf

Undeniable Fact 5,26.pdf

God Is...5,24.pdf

Be on Guard 5,20.pdf

Walking in His Goodness 5,16.pdf

Reliable 5,12.pdf

Two Minds 5,6.pdf

Today's Decisions 5,2.pdf

Pray About That 4,28.pdf

Double Grace 4,26.pdf

Ladder of Life 4,22.pdf

Do You Believe Him? 4,18.pdf

A Brand New Day 4,14.pdf

Wrath of Man 4,8.pdf

God's Time frame 4,4.pdf

Reckless Words 3,31.pdf

New Places in Him- 3-29.pdf

Amazing Faith 3,25.pdf

Fan the Flame-3,15.pdf

Sting of Betrayal- 3,11.pdf

Truth or Lie 3,6.pdf

Time to be Courageous 3,3.pdf

Moral Lives -3,1.pdf

Continually Before Me 2,26.pdf

Trust Me 2,22.pdf

Apart from Me- 2,18.pdf

Main Priority 2,16.pdf

Ignoring the Word 2,15.pdf

Jacob's Stew 2,8.pdf

Learn from Esau 2,8.pdf

100% for You- 2,4.pdf

Embrace Truth 2,2.pdf

1,29 Hold Fast.pdf

God's Mandate 1,25.pdf

Spiritual Progress 1,21.pdf


I Need a Word 1,15,16.pdf

Shameless Audacity(e) 1,11.pdf

Keep On Trusting 1,7.pdf

2016 Challenge 1,5 .pdf

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Alicia Shipe    

Ponder These Things 12,21.pdf

The Ox and Lamb kept time...12,14,2016.pdf


Delight-(P-2) 11,30.pdf

Delight-Part 1. 11,23,2016.pdf

Prepare, Avoid The Traps .pdf

How We See Jesus-Part 2,11,9,2016.pdf

How We See Jesus-11,2.pdf

The Sacrifice Behind Desires,10,26,2016.pdf

Be Broken 10,19.pdf

He Has Nothing On 10,12.pdf

Change 10,5.pdf

Gain Confidence,9,28,2016.pdf

Sacrifice and Passion 9,21.pdf

A Bountiful Harvest-P 3 ,9,14,2016.pdf

A Bountiful Harvest P2-9,6.pdf

A Bountiful Harvest-Part 1, 8,31,2016.pdf

Quid est veritas, 8,24,2016.pdf

The Burden of Proof vs. Mercy,8,17,2016.pdf

Come to Me- 08,10,16.pdf

Crying in the Wilderness,8,3,2016.pdf

Water, Water, Everywhere 7,27.pdf

Running The Blood...God Is Love,7,20,2016.pdf

Just A Reminder 7,13.pdf

Use What You Have,7,6,2016.pdf

Own It...Don't Give It Up,6,29,2016.pdf

Blessing the Father,6,22,2016.pdf

My Talk With God 6,15.pdf

How Convenient Are Conveniences,6,8,2016.pdf

Prayer- Church 6,1.pdf

Do Not Want What You Can't Have,5,25,2016.pdf

No Condemnation 5,18.pdf

Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS,5,11,2016.pdf

What Does Freedom Look Like? 5,4.pdf

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself,4,27,2016.pdf

This is Me 4,20.pdf

Prepared for the War-Conclusion,4,13,2016.pdf

Prepared for the War-(P6) 4,6.pdf

Prepared for the War-Part 5.3,30,16.pdf

Prepared For the War-Part 4,3,23,2016.pdf

To Whom Much Is Given,3,16,2016.pdf

3,9 Prepared for the War -Part 3.pdf

Prepared for the War-Part

Alicia -Prepared for the War- 2,24.pdf

Bringing the Soul Into Alignment,2,17,2016.pdf

Alicia-Be Fruitful and Multiply 2,10.pdf

A Letter From the Heart.2,3,2016.pdf

Alicia- What Are You Looking At? 1,27,15.pdf

What is Sacrifice,1,20,2016.pdf

Brothers of Jesus 1,13,16.pdf

Mind Over Matter,1,6,2016.pdf

​​Rachael Martin 

Evening 8 - Sat.Hanukkah.12.31.16.pdf

Evening 7 - Fri.Hanukkah.12,30,16.pdf

Evening 6 - Thu.Hanukkah 12,29,16.pdf

Evening 5 - Wed. Hanukkah.12.28,16.pdf

Evening 4 - Tue.Hanukkah 12.27,16.pdf

Evening 3 - Mon.Hanukkah.12.26.16.pdf

Evening 2 - Sun. Hanukkah.12.25.16.pdf

Hanukkah.Evening 1-Sat.,12,24,2016.pdf


Jesus Calling,12,22,2015.pdf


Laundry Day,12,16,2016.pdf

The Obvious, 12,12,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,12,08,2016.pdf

Back to Back,12,1,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,11,29,2016.pdf

Back to Monday.11,21,2016.pdf

Throwback Fun Thursday,11,17,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,11,15,2016.pdf

Stop the Train,11,11,16.pdf


Jesus Calling,11,03,2016.pdf


Word Worth,10,28,2016.pdf

Fear of the Lord,10,24,2016.pdf

Discussing the Lack,10,20,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,10,18,2016.pdf

Lifetime of Growth,10,14,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,10,10,2016.pdf

TRY, 10,6,2016.pdf

Dying to the Flesh, 10,4,2016.pdf

Wise Choices, 9,30,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,9,26,2016.pdf

From the Depths,9,22,2016.pdf


Just Jude,9,16,2016.pdf

Within His Limits, 9,12,2016.pdf

Journal Thursday9,8,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,9,6,2016.pdf

Thinking Beyond Yourself.9,2,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,8,29,2016.pdf

Journal Thursday.8,25,2016.pdf

Your Words Have Worth,8,23,2016.pdf

Fbombs n bikinis.GRACE.8,19,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,8,15,2016.pdf

Journal Thursday 2 - 8,11,2016.pdf

Tell Me About It, 8,9,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,8,5,2016.pdf

I Want To Share but shhh,8,1,2016.pdf

Journal Thursday.7,28,2016.pdf

Fill This House, 7,26,2016.pdf

Develop Good Judgment,7,22,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,7,18,2016.pdf

Proverbs 10 - 7,14,2016.pdf

Don't Stop him.7,12,2016.pdf

The Greatest,7,8,2016.pdf

Two Things.6,30,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,6,28,2016.pdf

Outstretched Hands, 6,24,2016.pdf

What Following Requires,6,20,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,6,16,2016.pdf

Prayer For Today,6,14,2016.pdf

Here and There,6,10,2016.pdf


Thursday Prayer.Unsaved Loved Ones.6,2,2016.pdf

Tuesday Family Prayer.5.31.2016.pdf

Stop Looking.5,27,2016.pdf

Eviction, No Notice 5,23,2016.pdf

Remind Me Lord, 5,19,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,5,17,2016.pdf

Every Detail, 5,13,2016.pdf

Mark 4-10-25,5,9,2016.pdf

Work To Maintain It,5,5,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,5,3,2016.pdf

Hearts Stirred Spirits Willing,4,29,2016.pdf

Far Fetched Faith, 4,25, 2016.pdf

7 Minutes,39 Seconds,4,21,2016.pdf

Trap of Idolatry 4,19,2016.pdf

Faith or Foolish, 4,15,2016.pdf


Jesus Calling,4,7,2016.pdf

Signs of the Times.4,5,16.pdf

Not Without Reason,4,1,2016.pdf

Stored Away,3,28,2016.pdf

Dangling the Carrot.3,24,2016.pdf

the Result.3,22,2016.pdf

Leaving the 99,3,18,2016.pdf


He Will Make A Way.3,8,2016.pdf

The Things That Matter.3,4,2016.pdf

Because We Believe.2,29,2016.pdf

In You Will I Trust.2,25,2016.pdf

The Suggestion Box,2,23,2016.pdf

Looking Beyond,2,19,2016.pdf

Shedding a Layer,2,15,2016.pdf

Spirit Led, 2,11,2016.pdf

His Blood.2,9,2016.pdf

But I Prayed,2,5,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,2,1,2016.pdf


Jesus Calling 1,26,2016.pdf


The Rock,1,18,2016.pdf

High and Lifted Up,1,14,2016.pdf

Jesus Calling,1,12,2016.pdf

Straight Is the Gate-Part 2,1,8,2016.pdf

The Gates.Part 1.1,4,2016.pdf