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You Have a Purpose 12,17,15.pdf

Christmas 12,25,15.pdf

Christmas Eve 12,24,15.pdf

Set of Changes 12,18.pdf

No Place on Earth- 12,14.pdf

Mistakes we Make 12,4,15.pdf

I've Got It -11,30.pdf

Spirit of Entitlement.pdf

With Thanksgiving 11,24,15.pdf

His Attentive Gaze 11,20,.pdf

Partner with God 11,15.pdf

Let There be Light 11,10.pdf


A Word for You 11,1,15.pdf

Disappointment 10,29,15.pdf

Critical Tongue 10,27.pdf

His Way 10,23,15.pdf

Determined 10,19.pdf

Full of What 10,15.pdf

Lies & More Lies, 10,13,15.pdf

Time to DELETE 10,9.pdf

He Takes Pleasure 10-5.pdf

Circling the Vine10,1.pdf

God at Work 9,29.pdf

Detour 9,25 .pdf

Honesty 9-17.pdf


My Strength 9,11.pdf

He is For Me 9,8.pdf

Decisions Ahead 8,28.pdf

Volunteers Needed 9,3.pdf

Amazing Facts 8,26.pdf

Perfect Refuge8,23,15.pdf

No Watch Required 8,20,15.pdf

Not the Loser-8,14,.pdf

Merry Heart8,2.pdf

I Believe 8,10.pdf

In His Time- 8,4,15.pdf

Road to Change-July 31.pdf

At What Cost 7,27,2015.pdf

All Creation 7,23.pdf

Guides and Directs 7,21.pdf

Obedience Optional 7,17.pdf

Perception 7,13.pdf

Just For You- 7,9,2015.pdf

The Holy Life 7,7,2015.pdf

Fourth of July 7,3,2015.pdf

Natural Logic 6,29.pdf

Foothold 101- 6,23.pdf

Carry You Through 6,19, 2015.pdf

Dumpster Diving 6,12,2015.pdf

Faith is an Enigma 6,11,2015.pdf

State of Doubt-6,9 .pdf

Listening -6,5, 2015.pdf​​

Good Has a Name 6,1,2015.pdf

Power of Truth 5, 28, 2015.pdf

Only Through Me-5,22,2015.pdf


Time to Stop 5,12.pdf

Surrounded 5,8, 2015 PDF.pdf

Two Choices,5,4,2015.pdf

Diplomatic Immunity,4,30,2015.pdf

Neither Shall Any,4,28,2015.pdf

Spring Cleaning.4,24,2015.pdf

Actual Application-4-20-2015.pdf

Provision Continues 4,16,2015.pdf

Provision Given 4,14 .pdf

Agreement Prayer 4,10, 2015.pdf

Paid in Full 4,6,2015.pdf

Final Hours 4,2,2015.pdf

Journey to the Cross 3,31,2015.pdf

News Flash 3, 27,2015.pdf

Moving Towards 3,23,2015.pdf

Be Accessible- 3,19, 2105.pdf

It is IMPOSSIBLE 3,17,2105.pdf

Hot Pursuit-3,13,2015.pdf

Hear This-3,9,2015.pdf


Flawless 3,3,2015.pdf

Cast off Doubt 2,27,2015.pdf​​​​

Prerequisite-2,23,2015 .pdf

Hold Steady-2,19,2015.pdf

Access Denied 2,17,2015.pdf

Unlimited Faithfulness- 2,13,2015.pdf

On Your Side 2,9,2015.pdf

Known 4 What_ 2,5,2015 .pdf

Unsubscribe, 1,30,2015.pdf

God of Direction- 1,26,2015.pdf

Temperament .pdf 

Truth be Told, 1, 22,2015.pdf

You've Got Mail, 1,20,2015.pdf,

Invaluable Source, 1,16,2015.pdf

Not Ever 1, 12, 2015.pdf

Sustainable Fusion 1,1,2015

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I HAVE WHAT YOU NEED.4.7.2015.pdf

Jesus Calling,12,22,2015.pdf

Never Enough,12,21,2015.pdf

Move Into Me, 12,17,2015.pdf

Perfect Flaw 12,15,2015.pdf

Evening 6,7,8 - Hanukkah.12.11.15.pdf

Evening 5 - Hanukkah.12.10.15.pdf

Evening 4 - Hanukkah 12.9.15.pdf​​

Evening 3 - Hanukkah.12.8.15.pdf

Evening 2 - Hanukkah.12.7.15.pdf

Evening 1-Sunday - Hanukkah.12.6.15.pdf


He Is Near.12,3,2015.pdf

Whats Up 12,1,2015.pdf

Accepted and Thank You 11,23.pdf

Servant of All, 11,19,2015.pdf

Neither Slumber nor Sleep, 11,17,2015.pdf

How Ya Feelin 11,13,2015.pdf

No Hesitation,11,9,2015.pdf

Oh No You Didn't 11,5,2015.pdf

Staying Alive.11,3,2015.pdf

Quality Control, 10,30,2015.pdf

Is that You Lord - 10,26,2015.pdf

FINAL THOUGHTS.10,22,2015.pdf

Part Two-Flow Cycle,10,20,2015.pdf

Anytime and Everywhere, 10,16,2015.pdf

Direction of Heart.10,8,2015.pdf

Your Food.10,4,2015.pdf

Extra Strength,10,2,2015.pdf

Ask Yourself,9,28,2015.pdf

In Your Weakness,9,24,2015.pdf

Selective Hearing,9,22,2015.pdf

ZIPLINE TO GOD,9,18,2015.pdf

Logged In.9,14,2015.pdf

Someone Who Loves You.8,21,2015.pdf

Spiritual JENGA.8.13.2015.pdf

New Chapter.8,11,2015.pdf

SETTLED WITHIN.8,7,2015.pdf


His Supply.7.30.2015.pdf


Something's Gotta Give.7,24,2015.pdf


OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM,7,14,2015.pdf

DEFINING MOMENTS.7,10,2015.pdf

Boldness & Sharing 7,2,2015.pdf

Tried and Tested, 6,30,2015.pdf

THROUGH THIS MESS.6,26,2015.pdf

Beyond Your Zone.6.18.2015.pdf

Current Situation,6,16,2015.pdf

But A Vapor 6,4,2015.pdf

Opportunity Will Come 6,2,2015.pdf

The Harvest.5,29,2015.pdf

False Humility.5,21,2015.pdf

Which One,5,19,2015.pdf

Avoid Anxiety.5,15,2015.pdf

POP-UP STORM,5,7,2015.pdf


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​OUR FRIENDS

Alicia -The Passionate Exchange.pdf

Alicia-Do You Hear What I (Jesus) Hears.12,23,2015.pdf

Alicia-Who's Been Called 12-16.pdf

Alicia- Give thanks to the Lord .pdf

Alicia-Passionate Exchange 11,18,15.pdf

Minoli- Path of Favor 11,16.pdf

Alicia Stop, In the Name of Love,11,11,2015.pdf

Alicia-Sometimes You Gotta 11,3.pdf


Alicia-Lean on Me 10, 21 PDF.pdf

Alicia - Power,10,14,2015.pdf

Minoli-I Will Sing Of Your Power,10,12,2015.pdf

Alicia-Intimidate 10-7-15.pdf

Order My Steps-Part 2-9,30,2015.pdf

Alicia- Order My Steps-9,23.pdf


Alicia.FOLOWING JESUS.P2,9,10,2015.pdf

Alicia.Following Jesus.P1,9,9,2015.pdf

Alicia-Who Do You Say I AM-P3,9,7,2015.pdf

Alicia-Who Do You Say I AM-P2.pdf

Alicia -Who Do You Say I AM.pdf

Alicia.Disciple in Discipline.8,19,2015.pdf


Minoli-Call to Me 8-6.pdf


Alicia-This Hour 7,28,2015.pdf

Alicia-Devotion and Loyalty,7,22,2015.pdf

Minoli.Trust In Me.7,20,2015.pdf

Alicia Your Dream 7,15.pdf

​​​​​​​Alicia-Purpose vs.Diversion,7,8,2015.pdf

Minoli-Hear My Voice 7,6.pdf

Alicia -Freedom 7,1,2015.pdf


Minoli-Refreshing Rain 6,22.pdf

Alicia-Multi-Faceted PDF.pdf

Esther -How I Think- 6,15.pdf


Minoli.Draw Near.6.8.2015.pdf

Alicia Complacent 6,3,2015.pdf


Alicia- Always_Never 5,20,2015.pdf


Minoli-Be My Friend,5,11,2015.pdf

Alicia- 5,6 Passion .pdf


Minoli-My Royal Priesthood,4,27,2015.pdf

Alicia-Resurrection 4,21,2015.pdf


Alicia Unify-4,8,2015.pdf

The Greatest Love,4,1,2015.pdf

Filled With My Joy.3,30,2015.pdf

Alicia, Present 3,25,2015.pdf

Alicia-Please Use Other Door 3,18,2015.pdf

Minoli-Ask What You Desire.3,16,2015.pdf

Imitate 3,3,2015.pdf

Fulfill 2,18,2015.pdf

Alicia- Anoint, 2,11,2015.pdf


Alicia- Convict 1,28,2015.pdf

Minoli- Your Name- 1,18, 2015.pdf

Alicia-Repent, 1,14,2015.pdf

Absolute Surrender

Alicia-Prepare, 1,7,2015

Minoli-Do Not Fear 1,5,2015

Alicia- Edify, 2,25,2015.pd