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Words of Wisdom - Archives for 2017

Rachael Martin

A Dose Of Chin Up,9,22,2017.pdf

The Battle is Mine,8,31,2017.pdf

Jesus Calling,8,29,2017.pdf

Friday Fortitude,8,25,2017.pdf

M&M Monday.8,21,2017.pdf

SHAKE IT OFF.12.11.14 &8,17,2017.pdf

METER READING,8,15,2017.pdf

M&M Monday.8,7,2017.pdf

Thank the Source, 8,3,2017.pdf

Subtle Differences,8,1,2017.pdf

WHERE HE CALLS US, 7,28,2017.pdf

Jesus Calling,7,20,2017.pdf

In Right Out Right,7,18,2017.pdf

The Trickle Down Effect,7,14,2017.pdf

M&M Monday.7,10,2017.pdf

Just a Minute,6,30,2017.pdf

M&M Monday 6-26,2017.pdf


Jesus Calling,6,20,2017.pdf

Its a Jungle,6,16,2017.pdf

Mental Hang Ups,6,8,2017.pdf


M&M Monday-6-5,1,2017.pdf


Jesus Calling,5,25,2017.pdf

Dont Engage 5,23,2017.pdf

Gods Product, 5,19,2017.pdf

How Deep.5,11,2017.pdf

Christian Graces,5,9,2017.pdf


M&M Monday-3-5,1,2017.pdf

Jesus Calling,4,27,2017.pdf

The Right Message,4,25,2017.pdf

Spiritual Peephole,4,21,2017.pdf

Don't Let It Get Titanic On Ya,4,13,2017.pdf


M&M Monday- 4,10,17.pdf

EVEN IF,4,7,2017.pdf

Another Day Another Chance,3,30,2017.pdf

T.E.A.M. 3,28,17.pdf

Skeptic or Wise, 3,24,2017.pdf

M&M Monday-1-3,20,2017.pdf

Deepest Desires,3,16,2017.pdf

Verse of the Day,3,14,2017.pdf


Beyond the Curse,3,6,2017.pdf

Desperate Trust,3,2,2017.pdf



Jesus Calling,2,20,2017.pdf

One Line or More,2,16,2017.pdf

Breeding Ground,2,14,2017.pdf

Food For Thought,2,10,2017.pdf

Prior condition,2,6,2017.pdf

Jesus Calling,2,2,2017.pdf


Peace Be Still,1,27,2017.pdf


The Commonality,1,19,2017.pdf

Despite Myself,1,17,2017.pdf

Unspoken Requests, 1,13,2017.pdf

Taking the Leap.1,9,2017.pdf

Looking Ahead,1,3,2017.pdf

Under the Surface,1,5,2017.pdf

Rev. Dr. Gina Cobb

Hands of God.pdf

Day by Day 9,15.pdf

Harvey-Irma Prayer.pdf

One Race at a Time 9,7.pdf

Truth for Today, 9,5.pdf

Labor Day Reflection 9,4.pdf

Heart-Felt Experience 9,1.pdf

Parental Perspective 8,24.pdf

That's Commitment! 8,22.pdf

Methods of Entry 8,18.pdf

M&M -Country 8,14.pdf

Core Compotent 8,10.pdf

Get Personal 8,8.pdf

Kick it to the Curb 8,4.pdf

M&M- Never Alone 7,31.pdf

Re-establish 7,27.pdf

Restore, Support 7,25.pdf

Field of Activity 7,21.pdf

M&M Monday 7,17.pdf

Don't Stop! 7,13.pdf

I AM Your Solution 7,11.pdf

Prepare for Action! 6,29.pdf

Response of Faith 6,27.pdf

Never Empty Handed 6,23.pdf

Good Thing Going 6,15.pdf

Scalpel of His Word 6,13.pdf

M&M Monday- He Chose You .pdf

Tuned for More Details 6,9.pdf

Empowered for Success 6,1.pdf

Red Alert 5,30.pdf

Memorial Day .pdf

God's Payment Plan 5,26.pdf

M&M- Door of Hope 5,22.pdf

Wrong Way!! 5,18.pdf

There's Still Time 5,16.pdf

Decisional Balance 5,12.pdf

M & M- Relationships 5,8.pdf

God's Process 5,4.pdf

Connected to God 5,2.pdf

Something We All Battle 4,28.pdf

Perfectionism Questionnaire 4,28.pdf

M & M -Lifestyle- 4,24.pdf

Scorched 4,20.pdf

Prevailing 4,18.pdf

Lord of All 4,14.pdf

1 of 2 Ways 4,6.pdf

Don't Hurt Yourself 4,4.pdf

M&M Gracious Love 4,3.pdf

The Winner Is...3,31.pdf

Think Truth 3,23.pdf

Double-Souled 3,21.pdf

Start to Finish 3,17.pdf

Divide & Conquer 3-13.pdf

To No Extent 3,9.pdf

In the Rubble 3,7.pdf

Do Not Be Concerned 3,3.pdf

Key Factor 2,27.pdf

Spiritual Check Up 2,23.pdf

Everything About You 2,21.pdf

The Real Battle 2,17.pdf

Rejection 2,13.pdf

Start to Finish 2,9.pdf

Knock, Knock!! 2,7.pdf

Release my Soul 2,3.pdf

Time to Discern 1,30.pdf

Right Here 1,25.pdf

Groundwork 1,24.pdf

Time to Forgive 1,20.pdf

Pep Talk Monday 1,16.pdf

Pliable 1,12,.pdf

Faith Doorway 1,2.pdf

Known for What- 2017 1,6.pdf

Press Back 1,10.pdf