Skeptic or Wise?

Rachael Martin
2017 ©

March 24, 2017




Shut me up Lord – let You be the words on this paper in Jesus name.  Amen.

Psalm 25:5 - Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day.


Most of how I learn new things about my family and friends is believe it or not, social media.  Gone are the days of phone calls and letters in the mail.  Although we try as a family to keep communication in these ways alive, it’s so much easier to just text or SMS someone!

I’m sure soon we will live in an even broader tech savvy world where we speak and move through teleportation more so than our smart phones…. I’m sure it exists somewhere… all in an effort to be more efficient…

That being said, it’s very easy to cut and paste.  There’s a UNIVERSE of knowledge at our fingertips with the world-wide-web and it’s easy to get information handed down 10 times over until it becomes a fabrication of what the original intent was.  There are even websites that are eager to seek out the truth of things said in the news. 

Friends may I ask of you to seek the Lord daily on what is truth?  Don’t just trust what is being said unless it’s directly from the horses mouth.  Being wise and skeptical, I believe, these days, go hand in hand.   Unless it’s the Lord leading us in ALL TRUTH, than it stands to be questioned unless it’s from the original author. 

I know that when it comes to history, sometimes all we have to go by is what’s been past down from generation to generation and all that can be remembered sometimes is stories that, over time, have been altered not because of ill intent, but because of lack of understanding, knowledge, or even communication.  However, God is able to help us focus.  He is able to give us clear understanding.  He is able to sort out confusion and give us peace and He will NEVER cloud our judgment.

I thought I would share the lyrics to a song that I wrote last year – I haven’t put it to music yet – all in due time! 

Have a great weekend!


Skeptical by Rachael Martin © 2016


Skeptical   my mind is racing –
Questionable is how I’m feelin
The day is gonna come
when I have to stand before the Lord
Jesus walked this earth before me
He knows the struggle all too well
I need to place my hope in Him alone to ……………

Lead me Lord! Help my eyes to focus on You
Lead me Lord! It’s daily that I fight this battle
Lead me Lord! I give my clouded judgment over    - Take It Please - Renew In Me…. A Clean Heart

Crazy Eyes   I feel I roll them all the time
Everyone wants to be heard
Opinions are just that opinions
They can’t stack up to the Truth
Holy Spirit make it clear to me  (I need You to)

Lead me Lord!  Help my eyes to focus on You
Lead me Lord! It’s daily that I fight this battle
Lead me Lord!  I give my clouded judgment over - Take It Please - Renew In Me...A Clean Heart

(Seeing through Your eyes not mine) repeat over and over