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The Weekend

March 23, 2018


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In praying about the weekend message, I felt strongly to encourage you to run your race with confidence.  It’s time to push back those thoughts that work against God’s purposes in your life.  And friend, there are thoughts that run through your mind that work against the purposes of God in your life!

You need to PUSH BACK against what has been pushing against you.  I can see the enemy trying to take over certain areas of your life. At times, you feel like things are moving in the wrong direction. That’s exactly when you need to push back against those thoughts!

Pushing back means to resist,  not forgetting, or not letting go of what God has given you or spoken to you.  It means pushing back against those thoughts. It means sending those thoughts back to where they came from!  It means not listening to the sound track that plays in your head that what you are doing isn’t working, or that He isn’t at work!

It means having done all stand, not lay down and take it.  Even when you legs feel like they are buckling beneath you, push it back to where it came from.

Its time to stop those thoughts in their tracks. It’s time to push those thoughts back to where it came from, and we both know where they came from!!! Don’t relinquish an inch!  Not one inch!!! You can do this. You will overcome this. Do you not know that the Lord your God is the Master over your life and that even now you are not alone?  Trust in the truth that He will never leave you alone. He will help you! The Spirit of God will flow forth out of you by His power and with His purposes.

The truth is, your life is in a perpetual state of eternal processes of becoming more meaningful, more productive, and more blessed.  But,  you have to fight back by pushing back against whatever tries to tell you differently! Don’t accept the lies that it isn’t going to happen! Don’t accept this is how life is always going to be. Don’t accept you will never see the answer! Push those lies back to where they came from! Push them back with everything you have and then some more!

Hebrews 10:35 tells you, “Do not shrink back!” Your blessings do not come from material things for in the end they will burn. But true blessings come from knowing Him and dying to self.  True blessings come from pushing back and beholding the goodness of the One you serve.  It’s all about trusting HIM. Don’t buy the lie. You will not be overcome this. Do not be afraid. Don’t let fear rule or dictate you. Do not doubt what He can and will do. Do not believe the lies of the enemy for one more second.

Push back harder than you ever have before.  Hold fast to your faith. Ask Him to expose those things within you that work against you! He will take those very hidden things and use them once they have been refined and purified by Him. But you must surrender those to Him before that can happen. What is done within you will not go unused by Him, but you have to PUSH BACK.  You have to FIGHT BACK!

“Since you know that God is with you, who or what can be against you? For you love not you own life so much as to shrink back from death. Stand your ground against the wiles of the enemy. Do not throw away your confidence in who you know He is. Persevere! Persevere in His strength, for after you have done the will of Him, the One you trust, you will receive what He has promised” (Hebrews 10:35-39).

Heavenly Father- Thank you for speaking to my life. Thank you for reminding me that you are faithful. Thank you for helping me Push back in your power against the very things that try to ROB what You have for me. My deepest desire is that my life bless You in all I do and say. I look only at You and not what I see. I  listen only to You, not what I hear whispering in my head. So today, I rise up in faith, and I will push back against the lies that try to over take me!