Whatever Today Brings

​Rev. Dr. Gina Cobb

© 2018


For the last week I have continued to hear, and see “ Carry one one another burdens.”  I have so many friends currently walking out some very painful situations. God sees everything. Your Heavenly Father sees what you’re going through. No matter what you’re struggling with right now, no matter how tremendous the trial, don’t forget that He sees you. God has a purpose, and He has a plan to more than restore what the trials have taken from you.

If He sees you, there is no question that He sees those around you.  There are people around you that are hurting. Ask God who needs compassion today? Then look around you- the needy are there, I guarantee it.

Evidence of your following Jesus is shown by your caring concern for others.  As a follower of Jesus Christ You have a unique opportunity and calling ---- introduce people to Jesus.  If the tongue has no bones, yet it can break a heart- imagine the healing your tongue can bring to others!

God is waiting to be put to the test by the people around you. He delights when you reach out testing Him on His promises. It is His highest pleasure to prove the reliability of His promises in those around you. The issue is not in God's power or His capability- it is you not stepping out to show others Who He is.

If you can encourage others to put their trust in Him, they will not regret it.  Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what He can do.  Just trust HIM to help you overcome what ever it is and reach out to touch someone with His love...HE is faithful friends. HE is so very faithful…

God has a deep awareness and concern for those around you. He can be trusted to move when you step out to encourage or help others.  Whatever today brings- - just trust Him to show who needs a touch from Him today.

January 16, 2018




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Heavenly Father,

Please help each of my Facebook friends remember that whoever they face today is in need of a touch from you.  Help them believe You, trust You and love You with all they do. Help them see the truth of what they mean to You and what others mean to you. Help them encourage others to believe that You are constant, that You are consistent and always good. Above all- help them show those around them that You love each one with a never ending unconditional love. May every waking moment of their lives bless You. In Jesus Name.

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased”

(Hebrews 13:16).