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We’ve all heard the saying “You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”


I’ve found myself saying this several times in the past week and wanted to reflect on it for a minute.  What I heard just now was this:


“You can take a horse to water, but is love there?”

There are so many things going wrong in the world today that it’s easy to say that the world needs revival, but I’m challenging you to think about what we as Christians have to offer the lost and confused people around us when they do arrive at the doors of your church building, or show up in your line at the grocery store, or you find yourselves working with someone who is reaching out through stories of how rough their life is.

I know I’ve shared the story of the Lord showing me one Sunday morning while leading worship, that not everyone is going to come to Him the way I expect them to come, not everyone will worship Him the way I do.  Everyone responds differently, it’s what makes us beautifully unique.

We need to remember that it’s not just about taking the horse to the water, but it’s how you bring them there!  If you drag them and make them run really fast and push them all the way, they will probably be so exhausted that they can’t even think about the water anymore.

I’ve been praying for the Lord to show me ways I can share Him and that I would be bold enough to point towards Him being the answer.  I picked up a woman today, and she proceeded to tell me that she was having marital problems and that her husband had anger issues.  Lemme just tell you – I don’t have my degree in counseling, but God still has always used me like this!

I told her that I understood and shared some of my personal experience on how I could relate and then I let her talk some more.  She said that she really didn’t know what to do that he was a good guy but that he over analysis everything.  At that point, I asked her if she ever thought about praying over him when he’s sleeping.  She got quiet and said “no”.  So I shared with her something that I went through with my husband and that a friend of mine told me to pray over him while he was sleeping and that I’ve not had to deal with it ever since.

She said she would have to try that.  I said, look, what can it hurt, what have you got to lose?  I dropped her off and told her to have a good evening and my prayer is that God intervenes in her marriage and that the words I prayed would bear fruit, but my point is this – I didn’t tell her that she needed to stop drinking and cussing and smoking, I didn’t tell her that she needed Jesus, I didn’t tell her that she needed to go to church, but instead, I reached out in love from a personal, vulnerable experience of mine to show her I get it. 

In the end, we can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do, but prayer, and love can move the heart of God so that when we do help lead the way to Christ, it’s a refreshing glass of Living Water!

Rachael Martin

© 2018





But is Love There?


June 22, 2018

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