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Weekend Word for 

May 18, 2018

For some reason during the last two weeks I kept hearing and seeing things concerning the word “Ordinary.”   Because I kept seeing it and hearing about, I found myself thinking about it.  After two weeks, I thought I’d better look it up after I kept seeing it and hearing it! However, after reading the definition I sincerely hoped it was just me thinking about the word since it was not a word I’d like to write about!!!! or so I thought…

Definition: (1) What is commonplace or standard. (2)  With no special or distinctive features.

On Tuesday we had major pressure system pushed through our area producing some very nasty storms. Around 2AM another storm front rolled through, and like the ones before, they were no ordinary storms!   These storms triggered high winds, incredible lightening, and several rounds of hail that caused many to think a tornado touched down. Besides triggering chaos in various cities and knocking power out for thousands, it triggered a massive migraine headache for me.  By 5AM I was puking, and by 8AM I was completely wiped.  By midday I was super weak and tired, and had decided to surf some TV channels to find some mindless show to watch. I was not thinking about anything specific other than hopeful something good would be on. Out of the clear blue, with remote in hand, switching through channels I heard,

“ An ordinary man or woman can do extraordinary things when they trust in Me.”

I was like what?????  “An ordinary man or woman can do extraordinary things when they trust in You.”  I immediately grabbed a pen to write it down thinking I might forget and then I began to pray - so much for finding a mindless TV show!

According to God, the usual, normal, standard, typical, common, customary, habitual, everyday, regular, routine and day-to-day (all synonyms of ordinary) can actually be turned into something extraordinary if you just trust Him!  Rachael’s word about moving forward was spot on!  Jesus was not ordinary, nor did He do ordinary things. He is your greatest example and you are called to follow Him.

God has a way to change ordinary into extraordinary when you trust Him!  He can take any man or woman and do unusual or remarkable things in them and through them. He can do things that are amazing. Things that are astonishing. Things that are astounding.  He wants to take your plans for an ordinary day, and make it into something spectacular.

You see, in the flash of an eye, He will take  an ordinary day and bring forth incredible situations that produce unbelievable results when you trust in Him! This is His Word to YOU for today and any day you trust Him.

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